An Epic Fail Becomes Her…

I spent the better part of last night and today making my journal/planner for The Documented Life Project.

I punched.  I bound.  I painted and created.

And then the damn thing just fell apart.  Literally.

The masonite cover I chose for its durability apparently wasn't very durable.  By midday I could see that it was starting to get frayed around the punched holes.  Every time I opened it to flip through the pages, it was only getting worse.

So I tore it apart.  I pulled the binding off and peeled my canvas off the top of the masonite and all the trimmings.  But the canvas just wasn't salvageable.  It had been attached quite well, you see.  Into the bin.

And with that epic fail, I began to search anew for a binder to house my project.  I came across this old 6-hole ring binder that is about 14" x 10" and decided to go for it.  It actually gives me space to 'flip out' the watercolor pages and work – so that's a plus.

And a reason not to flip out about having to redo the entire cover.

So without further ado (because I've had enough ado for one night, thank you very much), here is the new home for my The Documented Life Project.


I was able to save all the trim bits and reapply them.  I even gave her an earring.  I think an epic fail becomes her.  Don't you?

Collage, graphite, watercolors, Truffle and Basil Velvet paint from Art Anthology for her eye color and Wineberry Velvet for her lips.  Jungle Green Sorbet from Art Anthology for her hair. Don't judge.  I like it for a brunette.  Anthracite Pearl Pen from Viva Decor for the writing.  A bit of Inka Gold around the edges for schparkle.  Framed with vintage music washi tape and some real vintage wooden ruler 'corners'.

Remember to comment on the earlier post for the prize.  Still open til Wednesday at midnight EST.

Ok, I am so done with this project!

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