Acrylic + Copic + Glimmer Mist = “Happy Accident”

"Art is knowing which mistakes to keep."

With that quote in mind, I invite you to see my "happy accident" that combined Glimmer Mist with Copic Colorless Blender (0) on acrylic.

The combination of Glimmer Mist, colored Copic Marker airbrushing and Glimmer Screens on acrylic is really hard to beat.


And lately this has been my preferred method of coloring acrylic album pages.  Throw some butterfly-themed epoxy stickers and flowers on there too.  It's pure joy to work with all of these techniques and surfaces!

**Please note that only Copic Colorless Blender should be used to airbrush or for spraying techniques.  Ranger Alcohol Blending Solution has resin in it and should never be used in airborne applications.  Only use it direct from the bottle or on the applicator tool from Ranger.

Craft safely!


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