While you were out (at CHA)

Wow.  In an effort to keep busy, and not be continually thinking about all the hot new releases at the CHA show currently going on in Chicago, I think I have been infected by the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  I cannot seem to get it to detach from my hand!  Between cleaning the oven, the refrigerator, the bathrooms (TMI!) and ditching, trashing and pitching old cosmetics, toiletries and the like in my bedroom this morning…

Which was then followed by an afternoon of IKEA ‘build it all-itis’.

And I intended to run down to my LSS this evening.

What is up with me?  Could it be that in two short weeks I’m going to be teaching at a scrapbooking convention in Pennsylvania??  Could it be that I spent last weekend demonstrating at a Stamp Expo in Hartford?  Could it be that tomorrow (or is that now today?) I’m going to attack Renaissance Art in Morris, CT to get some fantastic findings for my Christmas tag class?

Am I feeling a tad bit guilty that hubby is going out of town next week and the kids are in summer camp activities?

Nah.  But it was GREAT to have the whole family at work today, getting things stirred up around here.  Lots of schtuff to donate to the Goodwill store.  Lots of stuff to pitch.  Lots of recycling to turn in.  Monday will be a busy day.

Well, I cannot end a day without doing SOMETHING creative, so I went wild with a prompt from DesignerDigitals.com by Jesse Edwards’ quote challenge.  Once their e-mail hit my inbox, I was off to find appropriate photos. That was fun!

Matties (circle) by Corina Neilsen, as well as cardboard/spiral torn paper (Illusive Collection)
Michelle Coleman (blue paper (Frosted collection)), ‘bling’, bracket journaling spot and floral paper is from Wonderful collection
Quote brush by Jesse Edwards.

And now I really must get some sleep.  Night all!

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