Vintage or “What Not to Wear”?

Since losing a good amount of weight in the last 9 months, I have been spelunking in my cloet a lot lately.  Mostly it is a surprisingly non-gratifying experience of chucking things into the donation bin.  I am facing the fact that I have been very thrifty with saving everything with that mantra of, "I'll fit in this again someday".  But the reality is that the linebacker shoulder pads of the late 80s aren't coming back.  At least not in any future I can foresee.  (as I toss the pretty peach trench blazer into the bin).  But then I found something in a few colors and sizes that I really wish would come back —

Stirrup Pants. 


Alas, that is not my fine physique rocking the stirrup pants.  I actually found someone selling them on Etsy.  She calls them 'vintage'.  Hmmmm.

Do you remember those?  As a tall chick – it was the ONE KIND OF PANTS that wouldn't fail me.  They even sold talls at regular clothing stores!  I remember spending an entire paycheck back in the day for a pair of velvet Ralph Lauren stirrup pants with an amazing cuffed legg that went over the straps.  I literally wore them out…sigh.

So I managed to wear them over the winter – sneaky – since wearing boots over them, hid their true identity.  Stealth stirrups.

But now it is Springtime and I yearn to wear them.

So my question to you is – do I wear them OUTSIDE?  Are they vintage?  Or do I hide them away and await a dark van with Stacy and Clinton leaping out to tell me "What Not to Wear"?  Maybe it's a sign that the show is finally wrapping up after 10 glorious seasons – and I'll be SAFE sporting my stirrup pants.

(and to be honest, I don't mind a little bit of shoulder padding…)

What styles do you wish would come back?  What should be banished forever?

And do you think stirrup pants are Vintage?  Or trash?  Help a girl out!

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