Tote-ally cool storage

I was teaching classes in Indiana this weekend; and one of my students (Patti-Jo, who had driven 12 hours each way from Ontario!) had the most PERFECT solution for coloring on the go. She had the 24-marker wallets for her entire collection of Copics, and they were placed inside this Creative Memories tote: called the Daisy Tools Caddy. She had two caddies, and this held her entire collection of all the Copic colors, PLUS the top portion of the caddy holds inkpads, stamps, multi-liners, etc.

Needless to say, I got home and found it online.

I love the small overall footprint of the case, and it's functionality. You take out the Velcro-d dividers that make it into four compartments and use just the space inside for your 24-marker wallets. Hers were folded with the marker colors exposed so you could see what was where.

I do have the clear plastic 72-marker clear cases for my markers; and those are lovely for being at home — but too often, I'm traveling with my markers, whether to friends or to teach. I had stacked them into my rolling tote; but having witnessed what happens to them when I used to ship that way for UPS for my classes – I want something more shatter-resistant! I just demoed in Manhattan a couple weeks ago and between trains, taxis and pedestrian traffic; I'm lucky those plastic cases survived.

It's my birthday tomorrow – and this is something I got for myself.  LOL!

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