To know it is to love it is to use it…

Let's face it – we all own a LOT of craft stuff.  I often here people say that they 'own enough to own a store'.  Well big or small, any store owner will tell you that managing their inventory is a key part of having a successful shop.  To my way of thinking, this also applies to your craft space. Whether a closet, a table top, a corner of the room or a studio loft - knowing what you have allows you to use it better, to make good buying decisions and to feel a general sense of well-being about the purchases you make.

I have a physical notebook that I refer to for color swatches as well as an online inventory of my stamp collection.  I've reviewed the basics of the stamp collection before in this blog post, but I really find it soooo helpful!

The physical notebook has color charts where I've filled in a spreadsheet with what I own.  Companies like Copic Marker, have a blank hand-color chart that you can use to fill in what you own and keep track of your purchases.  My fellow teammate, Sharon Harnist, has expanded upon this to include the Spica Glitter Pens.

I use both of these.  At a glance, I can see the color variations and make a much easier choice than looking at pen caps.  It's just easier that way – trust me.

Thinking sparkly, I just finished making another chart, in an Excel spreadsheet (Download Sticklesfor my collection of Stickles.


By the way, I have this FANTASTIC container for my Stickles bottles that I got from a new exhibitor at CHA, ScrapCessories

I've known the owners, and specifically Daphne for years from scrapbooking retreats that we've both attended.  I think it is amazing to see Daphne and her husband at CHA with their idea come to life and made in the U.S.A.  You should check them out.  They have all kinds of great storage ideas from bottles, to tubes to an amazing system for Cricut Cartridges, which I know I'm going to need shortly.

And then just one more sparkly bit before I adjourn for the day.  As you know I also have a thing for Tattered Angels' products.  They have a printable color chart for their Glimmer Mist product.

But I wanted to make something for myself.

If this intrigues you, go check out the Tattered Angels blog.  I've posted a project, and the labels file for my colorful Glimmer Mist organization there.  Go!


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