Tipping the scales…and redefining the Cookie Monster.

I've been long in search of just the right image to show the 'blended on the marker' technique – and today I found it while Googling around Illustration Friday in the art of Kennon James

The technique is perfect, with a palette, for repetitive work, e.g. scales, feathers – you name it.

But I don't have the artist's permission to print out his pictures, so I'll just introduce you to his book, by way of the book cover on his blog:

 image from 2.bp.blogspot.com

I just bought a copy.  Cannot wait to get it!

And if you want to see the best ode to the political correction of The Cookie Monster of Sesame Street that I have ever seen, click that link.  Even his armor would work for the marker coloring technique.  Decisions, Decisions…


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