The Robot Turkey 9000

I am constantly inspired by the creativity of my children.  For whatever reason, this week they have been attacking the Tinkertoys and buildling pretty neat structures.  I love seeing the different styles each brings.   Brianna's structure was very square and architectural.  Cameron's structures are usually inspired by animals, so you see features that are definitely feet, and he identifies the parts as body parts.  Courtney tends to go robotic, but this time she combined efforts, inspired by Cameron's work to make 'The Robot Turkey 9000'.


We still don't own the Wii, or Nintendo DS (or whatever letters they are on now), or iPods.  We own several sets of Tinkertoys.  And I'm loving that for as long as we can get by without stunting their social networking.  LOL!  Cameron loves going over to a neighbor's house because they have all of that stuff.  And that's ok too – he is really on his best behavior over there because he wants to play the games.

And I'm not saying anything against people who do own these devices.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm just really happy that when 'left to their own devices', my children PLAY creatively and build things, and explore the stream behind the house and… lest you think that I'm saying they are perfect — well sometimes make bad judgements and decide to climb on furniture too. 

Apparently that is what they did the other night while I was out with my friend Laura.  Neil had the twins upstairs watching a video while he was reading the newspaper/internet — and don't you know they decided to jump on the bed and then climb up onto the furniture that we just took out of storage.  Never mind that it's from their great grandparents and nearly 100 years old!  They got in T R O U B L E.

So basically they do the kinds of things that we did as children.  And I'm enjoying every moment of it.

Ok, I'm off to the cake decorating shop today to prepare for the twins' birthday parties this weekend.  Hopefully I'll get these cakes right so I can take a picture or two.  Have a great day!

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