The Neverland Fairies – now at home (by Bek Meyers)

B’s bedroom was featured in our local paper, the Newtown Bee, this week.  Her room was painted by a local artist, Bek Meyers, for her birthday.  But of course the newsprint photos cannot do this artist’s work justice.  So I thought I would post them here for anyone that wants to admire Bek’s work.  She was such a wonderful person to work with.  She ‘interviewed’ B. about what she wanted recreated scenes from the fairy books that Brianna loves, with froggies and fairies galore.

From inside room, to the left of door. Leftofdoor

To the right of her bedrrom door, and over her desk.  I had sketched Tinkerbell.  Thank goodness my husband saw Bek’s listing at the auction!  The best item we ever bid on.  :o)

She put some of my glitter into the glaze for her wings.


Over her bunkbed, a pixie peeks down at her while she sleeps.  She also painted vines onto the bunkbed, which was new for her birthday as well.

And a detailed picture, so you can see the paintwork better.


And finally, the ‘racing frogs’, a wonderful addition in the back left corner of the room.




Leftcornerdetail For faux painting / finishes and muralwork, I hope you will consider Bek.  We are so very happy with what she did for B.!  Her e-mail is

She made a little girl’s dreams come true.

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