Taking the bitter with the sweet…

This week was a roller coaster.   I know that I'm the one who chooses to ride, but sometimes…  I did have that moment, standing in my studio where I said, do you just want to stop and do this for yourself only?  Is it time to get off the ride?

And so I did a little 'status vent' on Facebook, and the peeps come out and voice their opinions and support.

And then I talk to my friend, Liz, who says, "I'm going to put you in your happy place."  And helps me take the emotion out of it and just move on.  Love ya, girlie!

And then I talk to my friend, Jen, who says, "I knew it was going to come to this, Kansas girl."  And tells me about her adventures and plans for things to do together.  How did I get so lucky for you to give me that phone call – seemingly so long ago now?  It was a course correction that brought us together and I am so grateful that you decided to put it 'out there'.

And then I get a message from my friend, Tammy, who tells me, "You inspire me.  I just have to say that you sparked something for me the other day."  And then I open this package in the mail.  Look what she made me, just because!  Made from scratch, by her hands.  It doesn't get any better than that…so hard to choose which hat to put it on.


And my entire mood shifted.  I'm not going to give anyone the power to steal the joy.

I organized schtuff.  I unpacked boxes. 

I went out and bought the new laptop I so desperately needed.  Sometimes you just need to DO it.  Double the RAM and five times the SPACE.  Now I can get my Adobe groove on.  Although it's taking time to get everything going and transferred over.

I took the kids to Borders and we picked out books for an upcoming trip. 

The next day I spent HOURS with Courtney at Borders to help her find something to read.  She has such a hard time choosing… she's sitting on the couch reading the book right now with a smile on her face.

I made fruit salad, and served it in 'special bowls' — taking a hint from Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution…why shouldn't fruit salad be as special as ice cream?


And then off to lacrosse and soccer and all things Sunday.

So I guess the message is, there are things that are just SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than paper and glue.  Ink?  Well ink is important.  LOL. 

But don't mind me if I unplug a bit for the next week.  The short people are on Spring Break.  So I am too.

And if the position or color of an embellishment matters that much to you?  I suggest you unplug too.

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