Sweet Baby – Single-layer card

The inbox overflows with e-mails since yesterday's blog post.  Wow!!!  Thanks for the great response!  With the massive influx of new readers, there are a few questions that I thought could be quickly answered with this card as well as the one I posted yesterday.

'What is a single-layer card?' 

A single-layer card is simply your cardstock folded in half to form the card.  No additional layering.  Traditionally, if you tried to color this type of card with Copic Markers, your coloring work would bleed through to the inside front of the card.  So many stampers who like this style have resorted to layering the inside of their card with copy-weight paper. 

'Where can I get the paper?  Is it available at wholesale?' 

I have had soooooo many retailers asking me where they could purchase a cardstock that allowed this type of coloring.  So I worked closely with Couture Cardstock, testing several paper samples that they sent me – and we finally found one that was just right.  And so voila!  One Sheet Wonder came into being.  

I do want it clearly understood that while I proudly endorse this product in addition to the new Detail Blending Paper, I have no financial relationship with the company.  CarrieAnn and Chip are a delight to work with and I look forward to demoing with them at the CHA show in Anaheim this Winter.  This paper fills a need. It was very important to me, since I meet so many lovely store owners in my travels, to find a paper that would suit this purpose AND be available at your local store for purchase.

'What can you do with an airbrush?"

One of my favorite things to do with an airbrush is to color over stencils to create a soft, monochromatic tone-on-tone look.  But sometimes it is fun to just get colorful too.  So for today's card, I grabbed my Spellbinders die and airbrushed around and inside to create this bright, happy card.


On Halloween night I was introduced to a little guy named Henri.  What a cute little bundle!!!  His Mom and Dad got the squirming little Henri into his costume for some picture taking.  It was delightful to watch.  He was the inspiration for this single-layer card.

I used the following Copic Sketch Markers:


Along with the ABS-1 and a Spellbinders die, placed over the image and masking off the stamped "Baby Pumpkin' and interior with paper while airbrushing.

IMG_9452 Abs1 
So even a single-layer card can have a layered effect, with an airbrushed background and a little masking to create depth.

Remember to be sure and leave a comment on yesterday's post.  My drawing is open until midnight (Eastern) on Saturday.  The perfect cap to a day full of birthday party celebrations for the 'twinkies'.  I cannot believe they are going to be 9!

And because there are so many new readers I'll share a little bit about the fam too. 

Here is a scrapbook layout from ages ago.  Cameron had a thing about copying Courtney.  The Bear in the Big Blue House t-shirts were easy, but the hat and 'gwoves' (aka socks on his hands) will never be forgotten.

Why do you call them 'twinkies'?

Nine years ago I had these two babies on Thanksgiving.  When folks asked me what I did for Thanksgiving, I replied, "I had fifteen pounds of Twinkies!".  Yep seven and eight pounds.  Good lord, but we were thankful for healthy happy (and loud!) babies that day.  A little boy and a girl to join my then 2-year old Brianna.  Amazing how time flies… And to this day people ask me if they are identical.  I reply they are a boy and a girl.  'Yes, but are they identical?'  What can you do but smile and nod slowly?  LOL!

Have a great day!



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