Spelunking Update – How I Organize my Stamps

I have been making a lot of progress in the area of getting my stamp collection inventoried.  I use Adobe Photoshop Elements' Organizer tool for this.  I create a catalog specifically for my Inventory.


I either take a picture of my stamps, or find their index image online (that makes things much faster btw, since they are already cropped and optimally sized).

I create Albums for each of my Bins that I store the stamps in.  In this case - I will be re-allocating the stamps according to their type.  Think of these albums as drawers if you will, for the actual stamps to be stored in.

And then I create Keyword Sub-Categories as I see fit for cataloguing the stamps.  The first category shown here is Stamps and the sub-categories are shown collapsed below.  You could go as detailed as creating one for wood-mounted, cling-mounted and clear; if you wanted to.  I don't go that far with mine.  But I do start with basics such as SOLID and LINE DRAWING.  And then I cross-categorize them as much as possible.

For example, this adorable stamp is categorized by Manufacturer (Stampavie), Girl, Fall, Winter, Dog and Line Drawing.  I can find it by clicking on any or all of these categories.

Makes things simpler, doesn't it?  No big clunky binder to keep up-to-date.  Easy to reoganize.  I have to say, I decided to do this a long time ago; and I just let the maintaining of it get away from me.  It's good to be back!

I can provide my category list if you feel that will help – but it isn't importable or anything like that.  LMK if you'd like me to type it up.

Back to organizing!  By the way, I noticed that Jen Knepper used the word 'spelunking' on her Facebook post.  That made me smile.  Thanks for the link-back, chickadee!  And keep it up!



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