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I heart all things ink.  So my crafting mission today?  To recreate a paper that I adore from a blank white sheet as a starting 'canvas' and make a project based on this inspiration.  This is my favorite scrapbook paper of all time – and the inspiration starting point:


This paper is from designer, Christine Adolph.  I bought it so many YEARS ago and still, it holds my heart as my favorite paper of all time.  Even though the stitching wasn't 'real', but printed, the combination of color, texture, foiling, color-blocking, layering… be still my heart!

As if you even needed more inspiration than that, here is another bit, not surprisingly (to me) that was published in a favorite inspiration book, by the same artist.  The book is, "Faith Books & Spiritual Journaling: Expressions of Faith through Art" by Sharon Soneff and Mindy Caliguire.  The art is – mind blowing:


Though I've never met Christine Adolph - her work has been a jumping-off point for so many projects.  So I'm sharing my muse (mine!  All Mine!) with you today.  Alright, I'm getting close to stalker-love for this woman's work – but let's just say I'm a fan.

Make something.  Post a link to your post with the creation (not just your blog, but the post link).  And I'll show you some love via a nice little prize package…

A couple of friends have experienced the loss of loved ones this week and my heart aches, absolutely aches for them.  So I feel the need to celebrate every moment and create something positive and meaningful today.  Call it creative therapy.

Go forth and be colorful.  See ya!



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