Sharing Memories

Yesterday, the twins were sitting in the family room on the loveseat.  I could see the back of their heads from where I was standing in the kitchen, and it looked like their were reading books.  I kept hearing them recounting stories to each other, ‘Remember this?’, ‘That’s when we went to the water park’.  I realized that they were doing something, all on their own, that I had hoped for.  They were going through the photo albums together.


Since reading and taking Stacey Julian’s course on Big Picture Scrapbooking, called Library of Memories (and now available in the book, ‘Photo Freedom’), I realized how many of my digital pictures were basically sitting on my computer.  Not being viewed, except for the times when I would show them to the kids.

Yes, they are backed up in three different ways and I’m pretty comfortable with my storage, but they aren’t being SHARED.  While I’m pulling things to scrapbook, I’m never going to be ‘caught up’, and I’m no longer caught up in that guilt.

Last week, I received my order from Winkflash, of nearly 1,400 prints.  The good ones.  From 2007 through 2008 to-date.  These are going in the photo albums, just like 2006 did.

And here was the magic, unfolding before my eyes.  Perhaps they are too nervous, because of my kvetching about the scrapbooks, but I’ve made it clear that the photo albums aren’t ‘sacred’.  They can look through them.  They are right there, at kid-height in the family room.  And here they were doing it.

Flipping through.  Reliving memories.  Sharing them.  From 2006-2008 in one happy afternoon.

Love it!  Thanks, Stacey.

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