Scrapbooking with Copics

I have a friend who is a good 'page planner'.  Pat Huntoon once showed me a form she designed in Microsoft Word to pre-plan scrapbook pages, sketch, materials, etc. for going to a crop.  I, on the other hand, cannot plan.  If I get a piece of paper in the vicinity of a couple of pictures – sorry, but it is going to start becoming a scrapbook page.  I have no planner restraints! 

I need to get better at 'page planning' though.  In less than two weeks I'm attending a weekend crop with my friend, Jen Starr.  When I looked over the vendors for the event it included an album embosser and two home-party plan vendors.  ZERO Retail Stores.  Eeek!  I usually like to focus on packing my technique schtuff and embellishments and just let the paper come from the event vendors.  I don't think this will be the case so I need to dust off my Crop In Style P3 tote and load it up.  So Ugh!  I must plan.

I know you are laughing at me, but I honestly don't remember the last time I went to a weekend crop where I wasn't teaching at least part of the time — so this is going to be a lovely, welcome treat.  I do remember the last crop where I actually got to sit down and make a few pages – it was a MONSTER-sized crop with over 700 attendees.  HUGE.  But that was FOUR YEARS AGO!


Here is the result of my first attempt at page planning turned into a completed layout.  I'm just going to celebrate that, and maybe have the kids hide my scissors and glue for the next 10 days.  (I'm just asking for trouble there, eh?).

So here is the layout that kept me up til 2:30am last night.  Click on the pictures for a larger image.

I started with a piece of glittered paper from Prima's Life In Colors collection by Vera Lim.  Don't ask me why but I think it is called "Happy Yellow".  Perhaps the ending design wasn't the same as the designer originally envisioned?  It's a puzzlement. 

This paper has been sitting around because it also BUGS ME.  The design is a frame, and for some reason my brain says it should be centered on the paper.  But it is as if the design wasn't cropped properly when it went to print and so it looks like I cut off  the right edge.  Boy, I am a picky girl!  I can only imagine how the designer felt if this wasn't what she intended.


So I just shut off my brain and started coloring it with my Copic Markers.  The paper has spot lacquering/glitter all over the printed design, similar to a clear embossed edge wherever there is printed design — so it was really easy to color.

And very fun to embellish.  Except my Glimmer Mist stayed on the shelf because the design was so glittery to begin with.  I just added a few sparkley embellishments to equalize it.

The other paper, overlay word and letter stickers are from My Little Shoebox.  Star spray and adhesive crystals are from Prima.  Copic Markers are G21/G24, BG01/BG05/BG07, YR61/YR65/YR68, RV23/RV25.  Brown overlay is from Urban Chic Frames by Hambly.

That was fun!  Now to get some pages planned…yeah, right.  Apparently, "Everyone gets their own 5ft table" at this event.  Thank goodness for that!

One more fun note before I go…  Wendy Senger asked me to demo for Tattered Angels at the Archivers' Scrapfest Event at the Mall of America in Minnesota next month.  This will be my first time attending that event.  Yay!  I'm looking forward to spending some glimmery time with everybody.

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