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Ok, I'm trying something new.  I often have *just a few* of a class kit remaining.  I get a lot of e-mail requests for them.  So… I created a Paypal store, where I will keep these items listed.  This way, if a kit is available, it will keep track of how many, etc. so you don't e-mail me to get one, just to find out it is out of stock.  I tell Paypal how many, and it keeps track of them until they are sold out.  Perfect!

So, starting today, you will find the Paypal storefront widget on the sidebar:

Patriotic Kit – $18.00 incl. domestic shipping


This kit includes:

Prima's Spaceboy Foil Letter Stickers in SILVER
Prima's Times Alphabet Letter Perfect Felt stickers in NAVY
Prima's Youth Transparency 12×12, numbers
Prima's Youth Which Way, 12×12, gray ledger/cream
Prima's Youth Chuckster, 12×12, stars/smoke blue
Prima's Youth Sweet Things, 12×12, cherries/black
FiberScraps Brick-Denim Tintz Stickerz
FiberScraps Brick-Denim Tintz Brush Stroke patterned paper
FiberScraps Brick-Denim Tintz Stripe patterned paper

$18.00, includes shipping*!

*domestic only.  Additional cost for international shipping.

Keep checking back – as I'm going through all this schtuff, I'll list more!

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