MUSE: Creative Therapy

This weekend a friend of mine called to tell me that her husband had been laid off.  I was struck by many things in our brief phone conversation: her faith, her positive attitude, and that she had immediate plans for what she could do.  After I hung up the phone, I smiled, knowing that even though our plans were changed because of the circumstances, and I was sad for missing her – this catalyst had sent her along the path of being a motivating and positive support for her husband and family in this hard time.

I have another friend that brings up the negative aspects of her life in every conversation.  She is defined by, and seemingly trapped into her circumstances by her own obstinate response to them.  She clings to her definitions.

Why do we respond the way that we do?  How much we are influenced, by our past and present circumstances?  So much of how we respond to situations is learned.  Ingrained.  We respond without thinking, or often even exploring the WHY we respond in the way that we do.

So perhaps this could be used as Creative Therapy – which is exactly what the blog of the same name explores each week.

If you, dear reader, are feeling mired down by a situation – perhaps a fresh perspective could be achieved through a creative approach to the situation?  I have seen heart-wrenching pages shared on this site.  I am deeply moved by the work of Kerry Lynn Yeary, for example.

I love how keeping a journal is transformed into a visual work.  I'm inspired.  I hope you find your muse on this site as well.

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