Monday Muse: Jessica Sprague

Seriously, this lady is doing it all – and doing it well.  I have heard so much about her teaching style.  I have to give it up for somebody that universally gets the grade for making digi accessible.  So if you haven't taken that leap yet – I would advise you that this is the place to start:

Go for a self-paced class.  What have you got to lose?

I derive constant inspiration from her blog as well.  She has Photoshop Friday tips now and then — and they usually blow my mind (and are free!).

She is also just about as 'real' as you get.  When you read her blog – you can feel the struggle for work+life balance.  I am also a mother of 'short people' (that's what I call my kidoodles) I feel like I 'get' her on a personal level too.  Perhaps that is what makes it so easy to learn from her?  She puts her all into everything that she does.  She is a huge inspiration in so many ways.

I am teaching a digi/hybrid on Wednesday right before she comes to the store for a lecture style workshop.  We kept the class size small – it is going to be a great experience for them.

…and that makes me happy.  So that' the Monday Muse.

Let's see… otherwise I have got to get my creative space in working order.  Does your space get out of control?  Boy, mine does.  It is too hard to work in there when it is ‘hobo style’!

October through January is my ‘travel teaching hiatus’; and the boxes upon boxes of classes need to be broken back down, inventoried and merged into the regular supplies where necessary.  I don’t like the current state of my space.    Even though I’m on hiatus, this is when the design team commitments start.  I need to get things together so I can do my best work.

So I'm getting off this computer – and diving headfirst into the week.  I'm typing it here to make myself accountable.  Pictures of the craft space will be forthcoming.  I'm giving myself until 10/20 to get it done, completely.

Post some pictures of your space for inspiration, will you?  Comments are open.  I'll be online when I need inspiration.  LOL.  Share!

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