MIA Winners?

Ok, ScrapMaBob winners – wherefore art thou?  I have not heard from:

2 txscrapaddict
17 Karen Hunsaker
20 Mary Driggs
29 Merri
39 BrendaLea
41 Nancy C
43 Kathy
56 Jadebuddah
71 Heather Fullerton
75 Laureen
86 Kay Tillman
88 mamichelle
99 Bree
101 Yvonne Soucy
102 Charmaine
106 Marilyn Hitterman
112 Jennifer Johnson
119 Dalek
123 Jamie Lindstrom

The other lucky ladies have sent me their mailing addresses and these have been sent to The Original Scrapbox.  Please contact me.  Remember, e-mail is NOT reliable.  I would love to get your prize information to the company as soon as possible.

Bueller?  Bueller?

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