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I have a color memory in my head.  A moment of pure inspiration that always comes to mind.  It was the front porch of a house, in Autumn and the steps were covered with wet, colorful leaves.  The leaves were at the peak of their color.  The water made the colors even more vibrant and reflective.  I could work my whole life trying to recreate that scene, and never achieve it.  But isn't it fun to try?

Autumn is such a lovely time of year in Connecticut.  I feel like I rediscovered Autumn when we moved here 15 years ago, from Florida.  So many years in a seemingly endless Summer; and then to arrive in Connecticut in Autumn?  It was a glorious welcome. 

Among the traditions we have kept over the years since moving here, my husband and I make an annual trip to a local Connecticut Vineyard – Hopkins Vineyard in New Preston, near Kent.  He remembers vivdly one year where I was so busy with the twins when they were babies, that he brought Brianna up there alone.  He has a vivid recollection of little Brianna, standing on the seat of the car (convertible) and reaching up to pick a perfect leaf off a tree at the side of the road.  We've picnicked there with the kids.  We've camped there in the Summer.  And we've had time alone there as well to marvel at the miracle of nature.

So we drove around Lake Waramaug and looked at how markedly changed it was with all the gorgeous colors blooming all around.  From across the lake, I spied our destination.

On one side you have the Winery and Vineyard.  They have tastings there and an artisan gourmet shop and wine/cheese bar upstairs.

Situated to one side is the Hopkins Inn – a Bed & Breakfast, overlooking Lake Waramaug.  As if the lake vista wasn't appealing in and of itself, just look at this place!

We had lunch on the veranda overlooking the lake.

And then we drove home, taking in the color along the way.  I grabbed a couple of shots.  And it isn't even 'peak color' yet!

  • IMG_4436web
  • IMG_4393web
  • IMG_4420web
  • IMG_4419web

So with all that beauty freshly in my head and heart, I finished a small home decor project this morning.  I decorated a natural canvas pillow cover from Canvas Corp.

I used watercolor and pastel pencils, paint, Copic markers, the airbrush system, a stencil and India Ink.  I drew the pumpkin freehand and used the stencil as a basis for the lower right hand portion.

I like having these small pieces of heart and creativity around my home.  It is just so much more personal and fulfilling than something purchased at Pier 1.

I was especially happy to have a nice lunch with Neil yesterday.  This weekend we are going to the orchard with the kids for picking pumpkins and apples.  It doesn't get any better than this.

And then in a short 10 days, I will be traveling to Chicago for the Copic Intermediate Certification course.  It will be great to get together with the Copic Design and Certification teams for a full day of coloring.  I hope to meet some new colorful friends there as well.

I hope you are enjoying lovely weather whereever you are.  Stop and look around.  Inspiration is everywhere and nobody provides it better than nature.


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