Ice, Ice, Baby…

Yesterday, I heard a lot of melting going on.  I guess there was just enough sunlight, and right above freezing for the ice to start melting off the roof.  It was evident last night, when walking out to the hot tub on the deck.  Boy, is that slippery!  And then this morning, I parked the car down by the garage and noticed this marvel.  A burning bush, that had been dripped upon by this corner of the house.  From burning bush to ice bush.  Amazing!  I hope these pictures can capture how wonderful it looks.


I could visually trace the icicles, from the corner of the house, to one hapless branch of the river birch, and then right to this bush.  It flows down the rock wall as well.

As I’m standing here, I can see the water dripping off the roof again.  Who knows what wonders will appear tonight?Img_0538_edited1web

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