Honey, I’m doing the ironing. (craft ironing, that is…)

Don't you love it when a housework tool morphs into a crafting tool?  Well that's what happened to my iron overnight.


There's a technique post and video on the Prima blog today, talking all about iron-ons, canvas and Donna Downey (oh my!)

Last night was my first time playing with the iron-ons.  I'm so impressed with the quality and ease of use with this product line.  As you know, anything that initially intimidates me eventually becomes a class – so you've been warned.  LOL!


And just so one of you can get a jump on things:  

Here is today's addition to the big box!

  • a Donna Downey Album, including canvas pages and page protectors
  • six Iron-On Shapes
  • one Dress Form Fabric Shape

Have you jumped on the Facebook wagon yet?  Just wait until I take a picture of all of the things in the box so far…  what are you waiting for?


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