Growing things…

Just looking in the front yard can sometimes be the most inspiring!


I recently took a class at Milford Photo and I’m doing my best to play with the settings on my Canon S5 IS camera.  No more Auto Mode!

It’s nice to know that learning something new is something you never outgrow.

I spent Saturday face-painting at a Go Green event in town.  The event was small in scale, but so were my ‘canvases’.  Nothing compares to ‘the reveal’, when you show a child what they have become with face paint.

Little C. came with me to the event.  One of the representatives from the Open Space / Conservation council took her, along with 6 other children, on a hike FOR AN HOUR!  And then another booth had her help pot little seeds: Eggplant, Dill, all kinds of seeds.  She made bird feeders out of pine cones and beeswax, coated the cones with birdseed.  I watched her, playing under the flowering trees – completely happy.  What a lovely afternoon.  She’s growing too – right before my eyes.  I wish I could slow it just a little bit!


Neil and I attended a champagne tasting at our friend’s house that evening.  I marvelled at her amazing kitchen.  That’s something I cannot wait to change in my home.  Change can be good!

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