Greeting Cards and Buffets – feast your eyes on this…

On Friday I placed my orders for a TON of supplies for new classes I'm teaching this year.  For the first quarter, these classes will be taught at the stores listed on the right sidebar.  Call them to register.

First up is Copic 101 – It's a quick assembly-line card-making class for those that want to learn the basics of how to use these fantastic markers.  Everything is pre-cut and pre-stamped so we can focus on coloring.  Here is an example of the cards we will make with stamps from Prickley Pear.  It's so fun to color images when you have the right tools!  This is NOT the Copic Certification Class.  That one takes all day!  This is just a taste.


Speaking of taste, wait till you get your hands on the Prima Card Buffet.  The flowers can be measured by the pound.  The crystals will be tumbling out of buckets.  Even the air will be sparkling with all of the Glimmer Mist in the room.

The concept came from the lovely Donna Salazar of Prima.  And after hearing that one of my fellow Primadonna instructors, Nic Howard, had taught her own version of the class and that one of her students had said of the buffet, "It makes you want to climb on the table and roll in it!" – I was intrigued.  I talked to both ladies and decided to bring this class to the East Coast.  I think it has pretty much circled the globe at this point!


I've got buckets, and spoons — and some pretty YUMMY supplies, along with a helping of Copic coloring for those that want so use stamped images on their cards.

And that is just the beginning!  More to be announced shortly.

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