Good Deal: Fred B. Mullett Nature Print Stamps

Um yep – there is a good deal going on over at Fred B. Mullett's website.  Don't mind my messy craft sheets.  Just take an eyeful of the wonderful nature print stamps by Fred B. Mullett.  Now go on over to his website and get some of them for yourself during his UNMOUNTED BLOWOUT Sale.


I got a total of 12 stamps, many already mounted on EZMount for $10.00 + $4.50 shipping.  $14.50 for twelve stamps of this quality?

I can tell you that I have purchased a couple of his single wood mounted stamps in the past, each one having cost me more than that.

Folks, it's a rubber stampede.  Run…

Oh, reminder about organizing yourselves. Photoshop Elements Organizer is your friend when it comes to knowing what you have, and where it is located.


I dragged the images off of the website into the Organizer, tagged them as 'Nature' and 'Photorealistic', and a couple as 'Aquatic' as well (love the fishies).  These are categories that I have set up under Inventory / Stamps in my Organizer.  Then I updated the caption with the stamp name, manufacturer and item #.  It makes browsing through your stamps A BREEZE when you are in the mood to create and need to see things in order to visualize their use.  Or frankly to even remember that you have a stamp like that one… LOL!

Adding a couple of purchased stamps to the list takes MOMENTS, you can do it right when you place the order, and they are already catalogued before they arrive in your mailbox.

Have fun!

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