Glitter, Glitter, Everywhere…

Last night's 2am-er project consisted of this t-shirt decoration.  All she had to do was show me the t-shirt, flash those gorgeous, googley eyes of hers – and I was all in on the project.  Suckah!!  šŸ™‚


It was for 'Freaky Friday.  Of course she had no idea I was going to go for the glitter.  I eyerolled and mentioned drawing something on with my pens, becuase of the last minute notice.  Or perhaps she was using 10 year old reverse psychology on me.  Whatever – the Art Glitter and Fabric Glue and Paint came out to play.

Here is how the finished item was received…


And then of course the cool, composed pose:


But the top moment of the morning was when driving to school this morning, she announced that she loved me more than frogs.  Ok, that's huge.  Want another t-shirt???  How about 10?

Good stuff.

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