Double Digion – Caution Boy!

Ok, I don’t know if that is a word, but play along with me.  It rhymes with vision, ok?

Cameron and Courtney’s birthday parties are this Saturday.  Yes, both of them.  Yes, parties is plural.  And they couldn’t be more differently themed!  Cameron is Sports / Pokemon and Courtney is Diva Hair Salon / Bratz.  There is no bridging this twinkie gap.

Cannot believe the twins are turning 7 this month.  Where did the time go?

Anywho, before his 7th birthday party is upon me, I quickly put together a digi layout of last year’s party.  I used the Caution Boy digi kit from Creative Imaginations, purchased through Polka Dot Potato.


And then an evil thought came to mind… Cameron’s party is being held at the exact same place as last year, with the same primary colors for decorations…

Evil double use of digi layout predicted… bwah ha hah!

P.S. I did blur out details for privacy, but the real layout has their names on each of the locks.

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