Flipping it over and ruffling it up a bit…

Rusty Things

I attended a workshop with the fabulous Keith Lo Bue at the Art Is…You retreat in Connecticut this past weekend.  It was not unlike my prior workshop experience with Michael deMeng; another artist whose style doesn't suit me — but oh, are the techniques a blast.  Now don't get me wrong – I can appreciate what these fine, fine artists make.  I would run to take another workshop with either of these men.  I will post more on that experience later — when I actually finish the piece.  It has really good beginnings – but needs more work.

I just look around the room at the varied and sundry rusted items being utilized in the art works and know that I prefer to take new things and make them look old or antiqued rather than start in the rubbish bin or 'found objects' discarded at the town dump.  That in itself is a good discovery.

Ruffled Things

But I do get the discarded fabric sample books from my local upholstery shop.  They give them to me whenever they discontinue carrying a line.  The objects aren't old, per se, but they are 'found'.

Combine that with the thing that Keith got through to me the most was to PLAY with your objects.  Turn them over in your hand and look at them from other perspectives and let them sing to you.

It's amazing how that one idea affected today's card project!


I received inspiration from the Moxie Fab World (Paper Crafts Magazine) blog to work with ruffles today.  http://www.moxiefabworld.com/2009/10/moxie-fab-world-challenge-not-your.html

I took out a gorgeous sheet of stitched mulberry paper with trim from Prima.

And proceed to flip it over and inspect if from other angles.  Lo and behold, the stitching on the reverse really appealed to me too.  It provided great contrast to the stitched elements on the front.  And the trim?  Gotta have it for this card.

So I cut off the trim with about a 1/4" bit of paper on the side.  I trimmed out a piece of the mulberry paper where the stitched design of a single flower and stem would remain intact.  Then I chose another section, flipped it over and trimmed out a layer for my card from the reverse.

The reverse-flipped paper is a gorgeous cream mulberry similar to the color of the stitching.  I took the edges of this piece and dipped them in Glimmer Mist (Old Lace) and ripped the edges to expose that wonderful mulberry edged look.

I took one of my fabric sample books and found a lovely cream eyelet piece.  I ripped this out of the book and proceeded to the sewing machine.  Now folks, I cannot sew.  Or more accurately, I'm simply not taking the time at this point to do more than hit that foot pedal and make a straight(?) line.  But I do know that if I don't knot my ends (which I never do), I can pull on the loose threads at either end to ruffle it up a bit.  This, in combination with FABRITAC (which is known as 'Fabritaculous' in this household) – will give me a ruffled effect for my cardfront and a base for the card.

So I glued down the fabric and layered on my piece of sequined, ruffled trim over the top of my poor-girl's ruffles.  On top of this goes the reverse mulberry (cream) and then the silhouetted stitched flower from the 'right' side of the paper.

To the stitched flower stem I added two Say It In Crystals centers.  Gosh, they are gorgeous.  A chipboard corner, a little wire word (Fabritaculous again) and some bridal floral pieces from Michaels to embellish.  And at last a little Old Lace Glimmer Mist over the top and it's done.

A perfect card for a true friend.

Copic Things

Texas in December

And now I must return to the administrative portion of my day.  A quick shout-out to all who are applying to attend the Copic Certification Class in San Antonio, Texas.  We added a second day AND I moved the event to a larger venue.  So keep on applying…be open to Sunday (12/13) or Monday (12/14) – and remember that I will be teaching consumer classes at Stamp Antonio Arts on Saturday (12/12) as well, if you would like to take advantage of these.  One or more of these will be Copic: What? How? and Wow! and an airbrushing-centric class — so make it a weekend with me!  More even funner (I can't get my kids to stop saying that, so I'll just join them!) details to come.

South Carolina in November

Those who are looking to apply to attend the Copic Certification Class in W. Columbia, South Carolina – the consumer workshops have been posted and are already 2/3rds full – so hurry, if you want to take advantage of them as well.

Indiana in October

For next weekend, the Certification Class is full, but there is still limited space in the three workshops I am teaching with Paper Chase Paper Arts, in Princeton, Indiana.

Because my flights in and out are a bit wonky, I've added a Copic Demo and a workshop at The Doodlebug, in Jasper, Indiana also.  This was filling up fast – so contact them both if you wish to attend.

NYC – um NOW!

Ok, actually tomorrow.  I'll be doing Copic demos at Lee's Art Shop in Manhattan at noon and 3pm tomorrow.  Stop on by!

Some Fun News

Logo As of today I have been working full-time for Prima Marketing, Inc. for a month.  I'm the Director of Special Projects, which means I get to dabble in the far-flung and fantastic so you will be seeing a lot of fun things coming forth from now and leading up to CHA-Winter in Anaheim.

I continue to work with Copic, Ranger and Tattered Angels as an endorsed/certified educator – so from the travel-teaching perspective – nothing has changed.  After all their stuff works so nicely with our stuff.

And that's it for today.  See what happens when I don't post for 14 days?  Goodness!

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