How I Setup my Studio for Filming

Over the last couple of months I have been setting up my studio to do a better job of filming, both for picture taking, and more importantly for videotaping.

I purchased some excellent lighting and camera equipment which has made a huge impact on my ability to deliver quality content on this site.

During the time when I was investigating my options, I posted on my Facebook wall, asking what recommendations were out there for doing this setup. I received no responses. So in the interest of sharing what I have been lucky enough to accomplish since that query, here are the items I use for filming in my studio.

I hope you will find these useful.

  • The Cowboy Studio continuous softbox lighting kit provides lighting on both sides and above my workspace.
  • The Diva Light Ring, also called the Photo / Video Fluoresent 18, is an 18″ ring with a flexible goosneck, and a bracket in the center of the ring for placing a camera. This way, you are looking into the light when filming, it creates a great light source for filming head shots (ok, it just makes you look good!).
  • The Sony HDR-CX330 video camera is an inexpensive choice. Compact and powerful enough to provide excellent HD quality. It’s 2.7″ LCD screen rotates around completely so you can see yourself while you are filming.
  • The Cowboy Studio adjustable light stand is what I used for installing my Diva Light Ring onto.

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