Fifth Avenue, Fabulous Finds and the Uszhhh

October brought cooler weather and therefore a promised trip to NYC with the girls, two friends and four doll companions.  We took the train into Grand Central Station and bought a pastry at Magnolias.

Fifth Avenue was our destination for the day.  Our first stop, was one for me – although the girls enjoyed it too.  We went to Tinsel Trading Company.
An amazing selection of buttons, bows, trims, a bit of vintage here and there – you name it.
Courtney, like me, was a kid in a candy store.  Just so many beautiful things to explore.

The way the assortments are laid out…
The vintage cabinets… 
and library stairs attached to the high racks.  What a treat! 

Our next stop was Build a Bear.  The HUGE Fifth Avenue store.  Brianna and Courtney held back their shopping budget here, because there was another destination on their minds.  Their friends got a bear each, with accessories and Courtney found a stroller that would be great for her doll and make it easier for her to carry her around.

And then we were THERE.  The American Girl Store.
Oh, she wants THAT one.  Looks like I've got the 10th birthday present figured out!  Bri got a little cooking center for her doll, with cupcakes, an apron – very cute.

We headed out to lunch – just Friday's.  Nothin' special there.  But the girls had fun.

Our last stop, before heading back to the station was an adorable store called LittleMissMatched and picked up some fingerless gloves.
So we had a lovely day!

It cracks me up, but I bought next to nothing on this shopping trip.  Perhaps there was a good reason for that!  Because soon thereafter, I happened upon Craigslist because of an e-mail from a lady selling a storage cabinet for scrapbook supplies.  It wasn't something I wanted.  And I don't remember EVER buying anything on Craigslist.  But for some reason I searched.  I found.  I bought.  THIS instead.

I took the ferry over to Long Island and bought it.  It is a 1940s Library Card Bureau.  It was restored in 2005 or so, and the interior hardware was removed from the drawers — but I don't want that anyway!  It actually would just be in the way.  I have to clear out a space in my studio for it — but I have the spot picked out.  *insert screaming with joy here*

But working ON the studio would have to wait, because I was very much working IN the studio for the past week, making mixed media samples for a fine art supplies company.  More on that at a later date.  Let's just say I was BUSY this past week and squeezed out like a sponge when it was over.

So to finish off the week, let's finish with a 10.  On 10/10/10 – today, I attended a workshop at the East Coast Art Retreats' Art Is You event with Michael deMeng.  This was my gift to me.  I was actually supposed to be in Dallas this weekend — and because I had anticipated something that didn't come to pass – I passed up the chance to go to Ten Seconds' Studios 'Bra-Free Weekend'.  I had to do something creative to compensate.

Oh, it's that word again, isn't it?  Assemblage.  And this is what I had the great fortune to spend time on today.  We were given a small piece of wood.  That's it.  Some instruction about using paints and mixing colors and left to our own devices.  Or should I say STASHES of SCHTUFF.  I brought a tower of little bits of schtuff, paint and some tools.  And this is what I made.

I started by using this wonderful 2-part epoxy-style clay called Aves Apoxie Clay.  Mix equal parts of the two components and it will cure within 30-minutes to an hour.   I placed this around the small, whittled block form to make a puffy heart. It was ready to paint by lunchtime.  And best yet, it works for attachment of other parts – so I used it like cement for the watch parts and filigree heart that I embedded into the surface.  I even braided a few pieces to run around the perimeter of the glass top tin lid, into which I had poured small watch parts and floated in E6000.  I also took a rubber stamp and rolled it around the exterior to leave an imprint.

I purchased a 'rubber glove mold' from one of the vendors upstairs.  It is like a mannequin arm.  I kept thinking about the heart and 'HANDle with care' was the best way I can describe the inspiration.  I had a nest, I had purchased from Absolutely Everything last year — and finally, the perfect project with which to use it.  I painted the arm 'Dirty Doll Pink' – one of the hysterical names that Michael comes up with for his color combinations.  Seriously, he knows color.  I purchased his Shades of Alchemy fan cards just so I could pay attention instead of taking notes throughout his presentation.  I'm certain it will be a constant reference.


This hanging key portion was started at the CREATE event during a jewelry class.  One box of schtuff was lost by Fedex (literally, they have never delivered it, and I am thankful for the package insurance I placed on the contents!).  Barbe St. John help me drill a hold into this unknown material for the crown.  Is it metal?  Is it resin?  Who knows – but boy, it is TOUGH.  I picked out one of the gems along the bottom edge and we drilled a hole through it for attachment.  But instead of using it for jewelry, I used it to hang a key from this piece instead.  The key is colored with Copic Markers in E37/BG49/BG72.


I also got pictures of some of the pieces made by the other students in class, but I am having difficulty getting them off of my Blackberry.  Yes, I'm goofy, and didn't bring a 'real' camera.  Hopefully I will figure it out tomorrow.  I would love for you to see the gamut of pieces created.  Of course, it is to be expected when all of us start with a piece of 2×4 carved slightly to resemble a heart — and 'released the hounds' to create.  I look forward to sharing them with you!

As USZHHHHual, Michael went over his favorite color combinations using paint with the workshop participants.  His classic color 'Uszhhh!!!' is the usual color that he employs in his work.  Therefore the name…

Today, I learned the not-so-Uszhhh as well as the WUszhhh.  LOL!  Thanks for a great day, Michael!



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