Crafting an Organized Space

*update* There are now FIVE organizational articles linked here.  Check it out!

And now for a pet peeve from our sponsor… I recently received an e-mail from a leading magazine with one of the articles stating, 'Check out how these four scrapbookers have organized the space they have and made it into something they love.'  I clicked on the link, excited to read all about it.  But there was no DETAIL!

There was one picture of each space, and a little bit of talk about its location, such as a closet, a corner of a bedroom, etc.  No references. No resources.  No discussion about where things were stored or how they were sorted.  The pictures were SO SMALL!  How can you show me a picture of Elsie Flannagan’s workspace and feature the bed in the bedroom MORE than the craft area part of the picture?  I can honestly not get ANYTHING out of that article.  So instead of simply complaining about it I decided to write a bit about organization.  I’m going to ask some of my crafty friends to contribute and hopefully we’ll have something great to share regarding ORGANIZATION so that you can truly get inspired and most importantly, IMPLEMENT the ideas if they are of use to you.

Article 1 – Introduction
Article 2 – Paper
Article 3 – Ink
Article 4 – Stamps
Article 5 – Stamps and Inventory

next up: Embellishments.

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