COPIC: Spica Glitter Set B – spotted online!!

There she is!  Little Ms. Early Bird, Ellen Hutson, has posted Spica Set B online, as well as all of the colors individually, in stock and ready for shipment!


I saved the picture above from her website, because my own set are prototypes, with no labeling on them.  And if Ellen Hutson has them, you can bet your local Copic retailer is probably putting them on the shelves as we speak! 

Don't hate me…I've had them for a while!  But long enough to make you a fabulous chart.  Once again, I've done my best to capture the ~~Sparkle~~.  You can tell which are the new colors by those indicated with a Copic Marker color approximation beside the name, e.g. BV00 / Lilac.  Click on the chart for a larger version.


The new colors are too fabulous.  I can't call them Pastel – because that would imply pale.  Let's just say more understated elegance… and a Pitch Black with a touch of gold to it to add to the glamour.

Speaking of glamour, head on over to my gorgeous friend Sharon Harnist's blog *EDITED TO READ THURSDAY* for the continuation of the Blogiversary celebration.  No she isn't ridiculous like me and up posting at 3am.  That's probably why she looks so pretty and well-rested on her profile picture.  LOL!  But check it out later in the morning (on Thursday) when reasonable people are awake.

But make sure to tell your friends they have until Thursday, midnight (Easter U.S. timezone) to enter a comment on my post (below this one!)

Happy Wednesday!

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