Copic Counter – and another item for the box!

I have gotten a few requests recently for the little pen-cap graphic I use on my blog to count how many glorious Copic colors you currently own.  It is a PSD file.  PSD means you have to have Adobe Photoshop (Elements or CS) to edit the file.  There is a text layer for you to place your own count.  Once you've updated the file, save it as a JPG and then you can place it on your blog too, if you like.  I'm hoping that someone at Copic will read my blatant plea…for more colors?

Download sketchydetails.psd (268.7K)

This is what mine looks like, and I've placed it in a typelist on the sidebar too.


Once again, don't right click the graphic above – it isn't editable.  Download the file via the link above.

Now onto the box.  If you haven't read about the BIG PRIZE drawing – you can find the thread here.

I have spent the better part of the last few days removing the village of cardboard that has been occupying my studio, and yet here I am filling another box!  Hmmmm.  But I know this one will ship out one-way in less than a month – so I'm OK with it.  So as I took them all to the recycling center today (the one place that didn't have long lines!), I was thinking about what other prize I could add to our little celebration…

So perhaps we should add something to the prize box that will adjust that counter for you?  Here is one of my favorite reds, R29 Lipstick Red and its associated Various Ink Refill, so your Lipstick will never run out.

I've got 4 more boxes to go through.  But it has been a good day for organizing schtuff at the MacDonald house.

Type to you soon!


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