Check out the ClearScraps Blog!

I posted a fun layout on the ClearScraps blog called Snow Angel with  lots of fun techniques.  Leave a comment on that blog and I will do a private giveaway using the random number generator on FRIDAY of a ClearScraps Mix It Up album!

Make sure to leave your comment there – not here! 🙂 (although I welcome comments here, I won't be using this blogs posts for the giveaway!).

This giveaway is just my way of saying thanks for looking – it is not sponsored by ClearScraps.  Let me know what you think. 

And comment on the layout, silly!  Don't just say 'pick me!"  LOL.  Janet and Jackie at ClearScraps will wonder what the heck is going on if you do that and it might be a bit confusing to somebody that didn't come here first. (although anybody that posts will be included in my drawing, regardless of where they came from).

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