CHA Day 1 (addendum): Xcaliber sighting!

Speaking of the show floor, I have sort of a split personality at the show, in that I got an exhibitor badge from Spellbinders as well – so I got to go in today!  And Yep, I saw one.  The Xcaliber!!  I got the t-shirt. (literally!)  :o)  I got to run in to drop off a few more layouts I had made for the show while they were putting the Spellbinders booth together.

So, I got the scoop from the director of development.  In essence, he said ‘we want this to be your machine’.  They are treating CHA as one big focus group.  They have the machine there for demonstrating.  They also have a survey about it, and those who come to booth 5071 and fill out the survey will get a free black and gold Spellbinders t-shirt too.

They want our feedback before going into mass production.  But the machine is ready to go as-is.  In fact, as he was talking I realized that not only is this the first electronic, motorized die-cut machine on the market, but it is also the first time Spellbinders has created a machine that runs on electricity.  It is so new for them!  A very exciting time in their booth!!

The targeted price point is $129.  It may be even lower based on the final costs.  Can you believe that?  How exciting!!

Everything else is just dotting i’s and crossing t’s so that it works both here in the US and in Europe.

P.S. I just love little companies.  They really made something wonderful and an industry first.  It’s really great to see.

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