And an even more colorful day ensued

After that breathtakingly beautiful start to the day, it just kept getting better.  The weather held until late afternoon, and the kids enjoyed both the beach and pool.  My little guy couldn't figure out what he wanted to put in that bucket…


Then I had some time for a 'beach read', and I chose a new book that I brought for the trip, The Art of Personal Imagery, by Corey Moortgat.  Of late, I have been intruiged by the unique styles of collage artists such as Claudine Hellmuth, Tracy Bautista and Corey Moortgat – whose work is so unlike my own – but the techniques are so like me!  So I'm playing a bit while on vacation.  Which is the point sometimes!

Here is my first collage.  Call it a desperation collage!


It is based solely on what I had packed for the kids' art supplies:  a sketchpad, some watercolors, a glue stick and a couple markers and crayons.  I had also packed a Heidi Swapp deck of cards – which I used as my focal point. 


During the process, I had used paper towels to pounce of and reveal lower layers of paint – which made some really pretty paper towels!  So I used these, torn around some torn card numerals, representing my children's ages.  They added a nice texture as well.

While I was having art playtime, with two of the kids playing along — Neil took little C. out on a bike ride, on the tandem bike.  Along the bicycle trail, he spotted this flower.  Which C. brought home to show me.  Unbelievable!  It doesn't look real!



So it has been a wonderfully colorful, inspiring day. 

I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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