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Lovin’ the Glitz Design CD.  I made this layout because yes, I am playing catch up for a couple of years since the twins’ arrival.  Duh… but it’s fun to travel down memory lane.  I did a lot of frame work around the picture, emulating an acrylic frame and blurring with sort of a frosted glass texture underneath it.  It was fun to fit the text to the path and get just the right spacing.  I also put the journaling, with a lightened blending mode, onto the blue cardstock fitting around the path of the brushwork.


  • Rhapsody – Peacock
  • Rhapsody – Rays
  • Frosting Strip in Orange
  • Brushes and frame from Glitz Digital / Printable CD – Season 2

Fonts – Filosofia Unicase, Another Typewriter

I love it when I find paper that works for both boy and girl ‘twinkies’. Daddy is certainly proud as a peacock in this picture!

And digital scrapbooking is certainly a great way to play a bit of catch up!

Then there is this page.  I’m using this as the cover page for the London portion of a trip album for Neil.  Neil kept a journal (good man, can follow directions!) and so I’m creating an album for his parents of this fun trip that Neil was able to treat them to.


  • Camelot Notepaper
  • Camelot Crest (printed on a transparency)
  • Camelot Journaling Card
  • Frosting (large and small) in orange, which looks a lovely amber gold actually.
  • Scrollwork from Glitz Digital Printable CD/Season 2, printed in black on transparency and then heat embossed with Judikins Rustique Patina Jade embossing powder while still wet from printing. I really liked this piece, it reminds me both of scrollwork and of a crown.
  • Gold 2" frames by Nunn Design
    • Note: dragon on Camelot Notepaper is a subtle white, but I colored it with Krylon Red Shimmer Paint Pen to stand out more. The white swirls in the transparency almost seem like it is blowing steam!

      Thanks for looking.

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