Monday, August 24, 2009

Organize Your Stuff Challenge - Week 14

Hellooooo, ladies! Welcome to Week 14, this week will be a cakewalk compared to the past few, so it'll be a good time to play catch up. We're going to focus on your cropping supplies this week. This Challenge will be short and sweet.

I admit that I don't go to crops nearly as often as I like, so I don't have a detailed system for organizing crop gear. I do know 2 things, however:

1. If you crop a LOT - store your tools in a portable caddy that can also be used on your desktop, or invest in a second set of basic tools that can be left in your crop bag at all times.


2. Don't bring your entire scrap space with you. Like ANY trip, you need to plan what you pack. I only bring page kits with me - just the basics and the photos that go with them. I take a few days to put these together - if you plan enough of them, all you have to do at crop time is grab a few bags and you're ready to go! I also like to catch up on journaling during crops - I have a few themed albums (especially photo album scrapbooks) set aside for this purpose alone, and have found that crops are a GREAT way to catch up on any Project 365 albums as well.

I did come across some interesting links on how other scrappers pack for crops - check them out and see if any of their tips might work for you!

So - this week, I want you to figure out the best way to pack for your crops, and set up your supply bag as needed - including page kits. Next time a crop comes up, you'll be ready!

That's it for today - I need my daily cupcake fix, so we'll meet back here next Monday and get all your inks and embossing supplies organized. See you then!



  1. Thanks Stacy!
    Hey = the second link doesn't work. ???


    Here's another pretty decent link.

    I have the other's printed off already.

  3. I don't know what's up with that second link! I've tried several back doors and it looks like the site is down. Sorry, guys!

  4. Hey all! The link seems to be working, as many of you have been hitting on it successfully.

    Im the author, and if you still can't view it and would like a PDF copy of the article, just email me at

  5. I have a new link for Sandra's (The Memory Workshop) packing tips: