Monday, May 25, 2009

Organization Challenge Week One - Space Audit

Welcome to Week One of the Organize Your Stuff Challenge! Let's get down to the nitty gritty - today we're going to do a space audit. Let's see what you have that works for you and what's bogging you down in the scrapping process.

This week I'm going to start off with scrapping. What a GREAT Challenge, huh? Seriously, tho - I want you to complete a layout. Any layout, it doesn't matter. And I want you to have a pen and notepad nearby when you do it. Scrap how you normally would, and at each step, I want you to make a note about your supplies and how it's helping or harming your process. So suppose you start with photos. Can you easily locate the ones you want? Great! Why was it so easy? Or does it take you half a year to find that one photo of your neice in the pink swimsuit? Then that's obviously a problem area. On to paper. And journaling. And embellishments. Et cetera. You should go through most of your supplies in this process, making note of which ones are easy to find exactly what you need and when you need it, and which ones make you want to give up scrapping altogether. If you don't use certain supplies on the layout, or if you have piles of stuff that need a home, then take note of those separately once your layout is done, but use the same guidelines. And hopefully you will start to see a trend in those supplies that work well in their current storage setup. Maybe they're close to your workspace. Maybe the boxes are labeled clearly. Maybe it's in a divided cart. Regardless of the reason, you've already found a system that works for you, and you can start to apply this type of storage to the problem areas in the future.

As this week goes on, I want you to post your lists - the good, the bad and the ugly. You can then compare your list to the Challenges and see what weeks you might be interested in, either by re-vamping your storage system or offering advice to others if you've found a great solution that works for you. Keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all in organizing - even if you have the most bizarre way of storing ribbon on the ceiling using small bits of chewing gum, it may be the perfect solution another scrapper is looking for (but I hope not. Really. I do. It's unsanitary).

As promised, here is my list from the scrapping audit:

What works:

Photo selection - easy to pull from photo binders

Layout ideas - notecards filed by number of photos in Cropper Hopper boxes

Finding tools - tool caddy near work desk

Choosing embellishments - items in labeled containers, which are in labeled drawers

Journaling - pens in caddy by type and color

Finding stamps and stamping supplies - organized by theme in Rolodex, stamp pad rack

Alpha organization - labeled drawers by color

What needs help:

Finding coordinating paper lines - all are mixed in by color, it takes too long to sort through

Choosing die cuts - some of my containers are too small, they need more space

Sticker/rub on organization - love my PSBs, but the shelf they're on is a nightmare to navigate

Kits - if I take one out, they all fall over. I don't want to even touch them!

From my lists, what seems to be working for me is containers, by theme or color, and labeled. So I will make sure to incorporate those features in my new storage systems for my "problem area" list.

In the meantime, I'm going to make note to check out the weeks on paper organization, die cuts, stickers/rub ons, and kits! Post your lists, and I hope to see you next week, when we'll don our thinking caps for a brainstorming session!



  1. WOW! I think I am actually going to do this one! My space (if thats what you would call it) needs serious help!

  2. Thanks so much for hosting, here's my list:

  3. I found this from a link on TwoPeas, but I'm not on there very much, so I am following your blog through *my* blog. . .does that makes sence? lol I will be doing this challenge!! Thanks for setting it up!

  4. Thank you so much for doing this! I am going to do my layout today, and post my list later on tonight.

    I really needed this challenge, I just moved everything from my own room to a corner of the family room, so this is perfect.

    Thank you, again!

  5. I am a very organized person, but parts of my scrap room need help. I am looking forward to all of this and the help you are giving.

    BTW: You are a fantastic writer - you make me giggle :)

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  7. Just a comment...I'm not being judgemental or anything like that. Your post is quite long. I am procrastinating and somewhat un-organized and the task seems daunting. I'm hoping this is because this is the first week. Or maybe I am reading too much into what we are supposed to do this week??

    In any case, you are my hero for taking on a task like this. Thank you!

    Here is my contribution for the week...Pampered Chef has the (white) Tool Tunr-about for $14 (along with other goodies), on the Outlet Specials page. I love mine! I believe the black on is still in the regular pages.

  8. So excited about this challenge! Thanks so much for doing this!!!!!!!!!

  9. I love how you organize your layout ideas. I spend SO much time going through my ideas it drives me crazy. I'm stealing your idea!

  10. I can't wait to start my layout!!! I just need to find my scrapbook table first. LOL

    Seriously, thank you for taking the time to organize this challenge. We will all be happier if we can find our tools and supplies.

  11. I am so thrilled you are leading us through this organizational journey. I never scrap due to the fact I don't know where everything is and I am so excited to become organized and productive. You room is a dream and you are the perfect person to be our guide!!! Thank you very much for your time and expertise!

  12. Week 1 was a piece of cake..bring it on. I'm excited until Week 2. Ughh. Paper. Gotta love it or hate it.

  13. Here's what works in my space: my printer

    Here's what does not work: everything else! My paper is a disaster. Embellishments here and there. Stuff in open shoe boxes on the floor. Some stamps in baseball pp in a 3 ring album, others ones laying on my desk. No storage for pens, punches and other tools, rubber stamps, cuttlebug dies/folders, ribbon.

  14. you're brilliant, you know that? I'm going to do this now. Would shed alot of light on my problem. Thank you!

  15. Ok, here's my Space Audit with pictures of what works and what doesn't work.

  16. I did my layout and here's my list:

    Does work: lots of work space

    Doesn't work:
    1) paper in four places (small paper in decofiles, CM paper in workshop holders, SU paper in binders for scraps and full size on paper rack, and 12 x 12 in vertical holders ( I just don't know how to condense all these papers (any ideas?)
    2) I set up my craft area based on tools in one area and trying to make the stuff fade away (all baskets together - all boxes together) The tools are on the craft cabinet - easy for everyone else to use when they come to crop - but not for me as I have to get up and go around my tables everytime.
    My stamps are in the shelves right by the table I work at; maybe I need to switch those around and put the stuff I use the most by me. I just want it to look 'nice and pretty' like Stacy's room or Nicole's room. I'm not sure how to achieve that without spending more money. here are my pictures to help explain what I'm talking about:
    Help! :) Jo