Spelunking Update: Going for the OVERHAUL

Isn't overhaul a funny word?  For me it means yanking everything OUT of it's current location and completely reoranizing.  But then again, I also feel like it means I have an over{sized}haul of stuff.  And I'm sure when my husband gets his first glimpse of the front entrance hall, he will likely say, "What's all over the hall?  But that is how a messy studio can take over your creative life if you don't keep it under control.

So now there are lots of containers.  I'm putting everything out there by category.

If it's in a box, it is being emptied.  If it's in a cabinet, I'm going through it, organizing and putting it into the bins.  Nothing (yet) has gone back into its former resting place.

It feels cathartic.  It is tiring me out.  It is a combination of, 'Well, hello there!' and, 'I cannot believe I haven't used that yet'.  It is overwhelming and gratifying at the same time.

But at least no one can accuse me of being a preamble to hoarders any more…

At some point I may even have a studio tag sale.  Who knows?  It's far too early to even think on that topic.

But for now, just know that the work has picked up the pace – and I am reclaiming my studio.

Do it do it do it.  If you are even thinking about it.  I started off organizing and realized that the only way to REALLY make it work was to overhaul completely.  The tasks I've done still stand, and I won't redo them.  But they were small, manageable categories of schtuff.

Now the real work begins.

Here its a rainy day, and the kids aren't home.  School is starting soon.  There is nothing standing in the way.

I finished painting my daughter's room and now I'm giving mysef permission to ATTACK my studio.


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