Rinse. Spin. Repeat. And a GLIMMER Giveaway!


A day in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Nothin' much to do but relax, play, eat, nap…  I'm relishing the absense of cell phone signal.  At the same time, I do like the cable modem.  After all, no internet connectivity might put me into convulsion.  But no traveling going on right now, lest in pursuit of fresh seafood or rum.

We started off the morning with sketching in the sunrise.  Cameron and I both like this little nook.


RINSE: Head to the ocean and play in the waves.




Refuel at the oceanside deck with some burgers and smiley fries.  Result?


A bit of shuffleboard with Daddy.  Yes, I beat him.  LOL.

And then they napped.  Me too.  The nap is a glorious thing.

Now the sun-kissed trio is busy.  Courtney is buying groceries with Daddy, Cameron is back up in the nook sketching with me and Brianna is reading a book.

Daddy is in the mood to make something seafood and wine-oriented for our dinner.  I have requested rum.  The kids will have soft tacos.

Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.  For as many days as possible.

At the same time, at home, our housesitter and official dog petter is receiving many deliveries from Fedex and UPS with my name on them.  There will be creativity crunch Pre-CHA when we return home.  But who can complain about that?  Also my best friend is now officially the dog's BFF.  She is tiring HIM out with all the playtime.

And they've already got the TV in some mode where it's only showing four channels.  LOL.  I left instructions!


And of course I cannot leave a Fourth of July weekend post without something sparkley to share.  Glimmer Mist has a new look.  And although change is really good, we don't want the product to be overlooked when you are looking for the former packaging on the shelf of your favorite store.


So create a post on your blog or website with the picture of the new bottles and the phrase,

Glimmer Mist is the same great product with a Fabulous NEW Look!

E-mail a link to your post to: liz@mytatteredangels.com and she will verify and add their name to the list for a prize drawing. Tattered Angels will randomly pick 3 winners who will win a six pack of the brand new, never released WINTER 2009 colors. They are not on the market yet, and these winners will be the first to receive them!

Remember, the product has not changed.  The price is the same.  And they are proudly made in the USA.

What better way to add some Glimmer to your Fourth of July weekend?

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