Relax – you (yes you!) can color with Copics

Coming from a formerly coloring-adverse stamper – let me tell you…the right tools make the difference. 


Making a card with this lovely image by Lockhart Stamps would typically have me sent into background mode and stamping it OVER something else more randomly colored.  Or monochromatic land – where coloring is so simple and sometimes unneccessary.   But no more, since achieving Copic Certification in January of this year, I feel so much more RELAXED when confronted with a 'coloring book' style image.  I have backed away from my solid stamps and happily living in coloring land!  In fact, I seek out coloring opportunities now.

So this card is for my friend, Laura.  She has been confronted with so many trials lately.  I want her to unplug and relax whenever she can grab those moments.  Sometimes it is hard to see them and take advantage of them.

My relaxing moments often occur late at night, when my Midnight Muse strikes.  The children are tucked into bed, my husband is usually traveling on business — It is at these times that I let my artistic inhibitions run wild and challenge myself in ways that don't involve the word: can't.  Such as, "I can't draw", which was last night's challenge.  Here is where it began:

I am a certified designer and instructor for Copic Marker; trained by the estimable Marianne Walker of Copic Marker / Imagination International.  Every week, she astounds me with her drawing skills.  The lady not only colors beautifully, but she can also draw!  Ahhhhhhhhhhh!  Run screaming from the awesomeness.  Ok, calmed down now.  Just look at her blog banner.  I'm not worthy. :)  But in reality, I know that each of us has different skills that we bring to the party. 

And like I said, my challenges don't involve the word: can't.  So last night I decided to draw / color my own mermaid.  Of course I made her a Merfaery, since that is what my daughters claim to be when playing at the pool.  How wondrous would that be?  Take flight, or take a swim.  It's all good.   I recently picked up a drawing book from Michaels, with that lovely 50% off coupon: called Dreamscapes: Creating Magical Angel, Faery & Mermaid Worlds with Watercolor.  I bought it for B., but frankly, I've been looking at it a lot too!!  So my Merfaery, was sketched from a compilation of the three types of creatures in this book.  She is part angel, with dragonfly wings and a mermaid's tail. 

And then I had at it with my Copics using Marianne's mermaid as my inspiration.


I think it's not too shabby for somebody who can't draw.  Stop laughing, Marianne. 🙂

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