My Alter Ego has an ID Badge

Nothing is safe with alcohol inks around…. :o)

I had a standard ID badge holder, and I pulled the old paper insert out to pack it for an upcoming event – and then had an altering fit with it instead!  The hearts and small plastic pieces are actually homemade resins, made using Envirotex Lite.  I turned it sideways and punched holes in the top for a bead chain necklace instead.  The ‘clip’ that would normally attach to your outfit, is holding a heart, embellished with a metal heart and with my favorite, ‘I stamp, therefore I am.’ sentiment.

I attached Memory Frame to the bottom, and then to frame my quote on the front.  I adhered it with Glossy Accents.  Because it is a scrapbooking retreat at which I teach, I added another frame with pictures of my children inside.


So as my friend Maria pointed out, this ‘Hello…my name is…’ turned into what I love to do, who I love, and who loves me…

That was fun!

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