Merry 100,000! Lots of pics. Big honkin’ prize…!

While the children were nestled and I was running around the halls decking everything you guys quietly hit 100,000 visitors.  How merry!

This was how our day went rocking' around the MacDonald Christmas tree…all pics are clickable:



IMG_9538web IMG_9502web IMG_9503web

I hope your day was equally as bright and filled with smiles.  šŸ™‚

So I'm thinking a big bloggy milestone like that deserves another.  So here is what we're gonna do…


I would like to grow my Facebook friends list to at least 1,000 peeps. 

So I will pull ONE HUNDRED new items from my studio into a massive blog prize.  Just thinking about it, makes me smile.  Add that up – we aren't talking about dollar store purchases here.  Embellishments, tools, bling, you-name-it — it's all up for grabs.

Regardless of how many people join the list, in approx. one month – On January 24th, midnight from CHA, in Anaheim, I will run a random number from and it will coincide with the alphabetical listing of Facebook friends on my page.

That person, will win the big honkin' prize.  Won't you be my neighbor?  :)  Click on the Facebook badge, the visit-iversary logo above, or just go to:

Joining Facebook is free, it's easy - and it's fun.  Even Dad is a member!  Plus it's a lot more fun for me to know WHO is coming here and get to know peeps better through their FB posts.  So that's it?  Let the visit-ivesary begin…

The first item to go into the box is… a package of Prima jewel box leaves.  So pretty!

I cannot believe it's less than a month to CHA – truly one of my favorite events in the crafting universe.  Let's celebrate together.  Who knows what will end up in this box?!

Type to you soon.


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