Just Keep Swimming…In-Person Workshops Update

reachtheportThe current port crisis on the West coast is causing mayhem for anyone that manufactures their product overseas; particularly in Asia and Japan. Every day I am getting e-mails from prominent companies telling me that they are affected by this labor dispute. I hope it is resolved quickly and product will begin to flow onto and off of store shelves soon.

For my part, I wanted to let my stores and students know that the workshops we have scheduled so far this year will not be affected by this crisis for several reasons.

First, my Palettini line of stamps, designed exclusively for Technique Junkies, are manufactured here in Connecticut. Stamford, to be exact. We’d like to request the city be renamed to STAMPford, but I don’t think the town council will go for it.  Regardless of our naming crisis, every step of the way, this product is made in the USA.

Second, the mixed-media product lines that I am featuring, from Art Anthology, are also made in the USA. They are made in Huntington Beach, California.

Third, even though the ‘consumables’ that I use in the classroom have been affected, I have taken steps to procure product that was currently available before this crisis came into play. The remainder of that product will be in my hands next week. While it may not be the latest ‘paper’ or ‘flower’ on the market, it is still from the manufacturers that your customers know and love. And we will learn amazing things to do with them in our technique-focused workshops.

And that’s what my workshops are all about – the learning.

I’m hopeful that this crisis will be resolved soon.  For now, ‘just keep swimming’ is the mantra in my studio.  I’ll see you on the road soon!

Current list of in-person workshop destinations is maintained here: https://sallylynnmacdonald.com/events/

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