Flinging in the New Year

Our annual dumpster is rented and installed next to the garage.  Every year we get one and every year we fill it. And I love this time of year.  Especially when the snow holds back and I can FLING with abandon.  Out with the things that don't bless our house.

Neil's been so into flinging this morning that he's actually taking a nap.  Poor man has been immersed in the dust bunnies.  But I'm so proud of him for flinging those OLD things that don't need to be held on to.  The things that WON'T sell on eBay.  Things that don't bless anyone, except perhaps some household archivist who has a thing for the detritus of a household after 18 years of living in the same place.  They can dumpster dive.  It's time for this stuff to go.

I've attacked my closet once more to give clothes away. 30 more things that are too big. YIPPEE!  Off to Goodwill they will go.  A weird sense of flinging something that was once too small and is now too big.  AlthoughI will admit, a bit of shopping has been underway.  It's time.  I'd love to lose 20 more pounds this year…but I'm feeling pretty sassy in the fitting room these days.  I still kept some of my 'big shirts'  They're comfy, ok?  Courtney and I went to the gym yesterday.  I'm going to jump back into that habit again.  I think I got burned out, but closet flinging got me back in the mood.

The cardboard is loaded into the Expedition to go to the transfer station tomorrow. Why on Earth do we save all these boxes?  I bet there are more in the attic from old TV sets and the like.  I'll hit that next.

I just chased down my water delivery truck to give him empty bottles (and input the delivery dates into the calendar so I don't keep missing him).

The kids are home from school for three more days.  That's good, because I'm getting them in the act as well.  I came up with an idea for Cameron's room, and Neil and he made it reality, taking an old 'train table' and cutting it down to fit under his bed loft.  Now it is all setup for Legos, so he has room to build and play with the things he builds in his room.  His desk just wasn't enough…although oftentimes I would hear him up there playing away, then he would tuck things into the drawers and they'd come apart or lose parts in the process.  This is so much better.

I love a clean, fresh start.  Perhaps a less cluttered household this year? I can dream!  I won't call it a resolution – but I've definitely got an eye for living in a smaller place in the 5-7 year timeframe.  Heck, it will probably take that long to downsize the clutter in this place.

So are you rebooting any plans for the New Year?

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