DLP Challenges: Week 7 – Repeated Shapes

This journal page is part of the Documented Life Project.  The challenge for Week 7 is here if you are new to this process or want to play along.

February 8 Challenge (Week Seven) – Repeated Shapes.

This week's challenge was to put repeated shapes on a page and add color.

I didn't want to use a simple geometric shape. And the first thing I thought of as a shape, with the current weather was SNOWFLAKES.  But I didn't feel comfortable drawing one, so I chose a stencil for the first layer of this design.

My inspiration is a quote I saw once, but don't have the author for, : "Love is like a rose in Winter. Only the strong survive."  It seemed fitting for a week that includes Valentines' Day.

Here is the page I created in my art journal based on the challenge. 


To start, a clear, heat embossed rose design is on all three corners of the page.  The embossing is strong, like our rose, it will initially resist any mediums I chose to use on the page and 'survive'.  After each application, I just take my shop rag and brush over the top of the roses.

Over the top I applied three different snowflake stencils and used spray inks in purples and blue.

Then I used a smaller snowflake stencil and pounced through the design with gesso and a sponge applicator.

Now I began to feel the need for contrast, so I used a torn spiral stamp to frame the entire piece.  I also stamped little tiny, delicate snowflakes.  both of these in Momento Mixed Media stamp ink in Elderberry (deep purple).

To make the largest snowflake design stand out even more as a focal point, I drew around the design with a thick black conte pencil.

The letters are drawn with a Montana paint marker in black and outlined in a white Montana paint pen as neccessary to help them stand out against the background.

And to bring the roses out more, I placed a pink spray ink over the tops in all three corners and let it sit there for a while to adhere to the surface before swiping off the excess.

We are expecting another 1"-3" tonight.  Brrrrr.  I am getting tired of Winter's cold temperatures.  It's lucky that it's so pretty too.  Also a great excuse to stay in and make schtuff.

Stay cozy!

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