DLP Challenges: Week 5 – Doodle Me This

I'm playing catchup on the Documented Life Project.  The challenge for Week 5 is here if you are new to this process or want to play along.

January 26 Challenge (Week Five) – Doodle Border

Here is the page that I created for this challenge.


Let me just start by saying that I am not, nor will I ever choose to be a Zentangle artist.  Doodling has never been my thing.  My borders are typically BLANK when I'm taking notes.  I'm weird that way.

However I was willing to make the attempt, and in doing so have found I am much more of a swirly girl.  Must be a hair thing.  I loved making these loose swirls with my Neutral Gray Copic brush markers.  I chose the Copics, because I knew that nothing I threw over the top would mess with them.  I used several different colors of gray to have some in the foregruond and some in the background.

Then I used spray inks over the top in sage, royal blue and orchid purple.

Yes, and then I doodled a bit.  I added four flowers.  Hated them.  LOL.  Dotted along my lines with chalk markers in white and emerald green. And then gave it up entirely and instead I began journaling along the lines about how life is such a tangled web of choices and possibilities.  Deep doodling?  Doo doo?  Who knows!  But when I began humming the Police song,

"Da doo doo doo da dah dah dah is all I want to say to you",

I knew it was time to finish up and make it mine.

And so I added BLING of course.  Lots of swirly bling.  And I used my white chalk marker over the top of them randomly – because it was getting too dark.  

To lighten it up further I used a Stencil Girl small stencil, similar to bubble wrap with the Snow Cap paint dabber to add some light and contrast back into the background.

I'm caught up! And it was amazingly simple to do.  Now that the art part is only once a week, I will just have to keep things up in my regular art projects.

How are you doing?  Have you jumped in?  Do you doodle?  I have a feeling my friend Tracy, from Australia is laughing every time I say that word.

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