DLP Challenges: Week 4 – Keeping It Real

I'm playing catchup on the Documented Life Project.  The challenge for Week 4 is here if you are new to this process or want to play along.

January 18 Challenge (Week Four) – Write a Secret Message and Paint Over all but One Word.

Here is the page that I created for this challenge.


I worked it out on this page.  Lots of writing that corresponded to my week and the things I had already written on the journal page.  This art journal became the action items in response to my week.  I personally love it, because I feel EMPOWERED.

However one word was not enough to left revealed.  I left a few key phrases out in the open.

I printed my journaling out first for this challenge on a piece of ledger paper with a resist design on it. Then I painted, sprayed, stamped and inked around the edges.

I used a white paint to dry brush over the top of most of the words, but it isn't opaque – just a light 'blur' if you will…  I attempted to use a white crayon on my phrases that I wanted to highlight in order to keep them clear.  It did 'ok', but I went back over them with a Copic fine liner pen and then highlighted them further with a white gel pen.

As always, I finished with the bling. I put a frame of silver matte beads around the central message and some epoxy photo corners around the upper right and lower left corners to frame my journaling.  To additionally highlight my 'main ideas', I sprayed and did line work on a few mulberry leaves and attached them at each location.

I'm caught up! I still have time to get week 5 done this week.  That feels good.  How are you doing?

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