Cooking up some mixed media goodies…

I finalized my menu for holiday meals last night.  Then we sat down as a family to decorate our sugar and gingerbread cookies. I enjoy this holiday tradition, but it also stresses me out a little bit.  What a mess!  After cleaning up, I kept yearning to make a mess with some paints too.  Why not?

So, as the kids settled in to watch Rudolph, I sat at the kitchen table and put together a page in my art journal that celebrated all the preparations for the holiday meal to come.

I put together a mix of everything I like to work with, from vintage magazine pages, to chipboard and epoxy stickers.  Gel medium, glitter and paint.  Now I was cooking.

So I'm running out to the grocery store to get a few more things for tomorrow's festivities.  I looked online for a quick recipe list and what to my wondering eyes did appear, but a picture that pokes fun at cooking and showed a scene of a relative's celebrated cookbook, Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything.  Hysterical.

Pretty funny.  Don't do this, ok?

But don't get caught up in al the to-do lists and mayhem and lose the precious moments with your family.  Take time for yourself too.  Enjoy.


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